Ripped Jeans Trend

kate-beckinsale Ripped jeans are back with a big bang this fashion season, they look stylish, funky and chic. Jeans are one of the most versatile wardrobe items that never go out of fashion. After bell bottoms, long straight legs to capris and skinny or narrow jeans, it is the ripped jeans trend that is in VOGUE today. The trend is being followed by many Hollywood celebrities like Rihanna, Cameron Diaz, Megan Fox, Taylor Momsen etc.

Well, this trend is not coming for the first time, it had been a big hit during the 90s, however the style today is a little different from the old trend. Today’s ripped jeans trend was created by cutting and ripping off the jeans and keeping the strings loose, unlike the old “stone wash jeans” trend. So, ensure that you have at least one nice pair of ripped jeans this season to be a part of this hottest trend.


Tips to Make Ripped Jeans:

With the trend becoming more and more popular, there are a few brands such as J Brand and Levi jeans which are producing this new jeans trend. But, if you have a number of old jeans why not make your own torn ripped jeans???

  • The best kind of jeans to try out this trend would be your skinny jeans. Put on the jeans and find out where you would like to cut, then mark the area with a marker. The cuts and rips work best on the thighs and on the knees.
  • Now, remove the jeans and place it on the ground, then cut the marked area by using a blade or scissors.
  • Then, take a nylon brush and rub the area to take off the threads. The more you rub, the more rugged and funky it will look.
  • taylor-momsen

  • You can also try out different patterns. Rip the jeans in symmetric shapes or sections. You can even create a square slit, then a hole, or a rectangle. This will make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Deep color or dark shades of jeans such as dark blue black are best for ripped jeans style. It works really well even in white colored jeans

Don’t hesitate to create your own style and pattern, and show off the style with a nice fitting top or a trendy shirt and a leather jacket.

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