Fashion Tips For Fat Girls

queen-latifahWhen it comes to fashion, women with plus size may find it a little difficult to get the perfect style and clothes that suit them properly. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up. You still can look gorgeous and stylish no matter what body shape you have, by choosing the right kind of outfits. To help you start with, here are a few fashion tips for fat girls or plus size women. Take a look…

Choose clothes that Fit you Perfectly:

  • Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or too loose, it will make you look even fatter. Find the perfect fitting clothes to create an illusion of slimmer and taller look.
  • Also, you need to stay away from tops or shirts that are too short, make sure that its not too long either. Wearing too short or too long tops will make you look shorter and wider. The ideal length of your tops would be till your waist to look decent in spite of your body shape.

Find your Style:

  • Avoid following any new trend or style blindly. Find out the style that looks best on your body shape. Certain fashion trends that look fabulous on girls with hour glass figures may not look that gorgeous on plus size ladies.
  • Finding your own style may be a little difficult for fat girls, but it’s always possible. Today, there are a variety of clothes and styles specially designed for plus size girls, available in the market, so check out for such clothes.
  • Try to figure out which kind of clothes flatter your body and go for such clothes.
  • Avoid wearing open backed tops, they are not meant for fat girls.
  • Wearing vertical stripes is a great way to create a slimmer look for plus size women. Digital printed tops are also a good option for fat girls.
  • Always go for darker shades when choosing colors. Darker shades will make you look taller and slimmer.

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