How to Wear Red Shoes

natalie-portman It seems like a big fashion faux pas for many ladies to wear a pair of red shoes. Wearing red sandals with wrong outfit and color can make you look too flashy, overbearing or loud even before you speak anything yet. However, there is no doubt that red sandals can lend flair to your outfits and be a great confidence builder. Choosing the right outfit to pair up your red shoes can make you stand out from the crowd by making a fashion hit. Read on and learn some fashion tips on how to wear red shoes.

Tips to Wear Red Shoes:

  • If you are considering wearing red sandals, make sure that you leave the rest of your outfit simple and opt for a solid color outfit. The ideal colors would be white, black or dark greys.
  • If you are wearing it to the office or your workplace, go for knee length skirts or little lower than the knees and all clothing should be sharply tailored.
  • It’s also wise to pair up your red sandals with a pair of jeans or other more relaxed clothes if you are looking for more relaxed and casual wear.
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  • Always keep in mind not to overwhelm your clothing with red. It’s wise to add a few red elements to your attire, but not next to your red shoes. For instance, wearing red dresses, pants or skirts with a pair of red shoes can be an overkill. However, a classy, short red jacket, headband, scarf or clutch can add flair to your outfit without being too flashy.
  • Stick to a solid color or not more than two colors clothing if you have to wear red sandals. Ensure that one of the other shades is either white or black.
  • If you are going for prints, make sure that you select some simple designs or patterns in black and white like stripes or polka dots.
  • If you wish to add a more bold print like zebra or leopard, keep it minimal as with a small clutch, headband or a belt.
  • Dark denims also go well with red shoes. Wear a pair of skinny or straight leg dark jeans with a classy white top or shirt and red shoes for an elegant casual look. Make sure that your top or shirt color doesn’t clash with your shoes. Pink and purple tops are not meant for red shoes.
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  • Wearing a black and white attire with a pair of red shoes can add flavor or style to your outfit to make you stand out from the crowd.
  • White pants with a black jacket or a casual black suit with red shoes look fabulous if you have the right attitude. Black outfits or black and white clothing can be boring without adding a colorful and strong accessory like red shoes.
  • It’s time to ditch the old fashion rule, “the shoes color should match the clutch or purse” and opt for a solid-colored clutch that complements your red shoes’ intensity.
  • Wear plain, large jewelry. Go for red stones or beads which don’t clash with your red sandals, if you want to wear colored jewelry. Otherwise, opt for chunky, metallic jewelry in silver or gold.
  • You can wear earrings, bracelets and necklace rings since your clothes are quite simple, however make sure not to overwhelm your outfit with jewelries.

Red shoes simply look glamorous and it can even change your entire overall appearance when worn properly. So, consider the above mentioned fashion tips and show off your red shoes or sandals. Make sure that your shoes peep out underneath your pants or jeans, or it’s best to wear it with a skirt or dress to ensure that everyone gets a glimpse of your glamorous red shoes.

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