Men’s Hip-Hop Fashion Tips

jonas-brothersIt is very important to note that you can dress either in casual or formal attire in hip-hop style for men. Guys who want to take the latest style and a trendy approach can go for popular labels such as Red Monkey or Ed Hardy. The good thing about hip-hop style is that, it gives you the liberty to create your own fashion and style that includes the accessories to spice up your clothing. If you are still not sure how to create your own style, here are a few hip-hop fashion tips for you. Read on and find out…

Casual Look:

  • You may like to go for a pair of baggy or skinny jeans with a t-shirt, if you wish to create a more casual look. Skinny jeans for men are very much in vogue this season for hip-hop fashion. However, it all depends upon the individual’s attitude and comfort level.
  • You can choose trendy, proper fitting jeans and shirts from popular hip-hop brands like Red Monkey, Phat Farm, Sean John and Rocawear. Some other popular labels for men’s hip-hop styles include Coogi, Ecko and Akademiks.
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  • Fitted t-shirts and polo shirts are great for men this season. You can try wearing jeans or khakis with a plain white t-shirt if you wish to create a clean, comfortable look. Complete the look with a pair of nice sneakers, or for a more relaxed and casual look, you can wear clean trendy flats or sandals.
  • You can never go wrong with a pair of white “Nike Air Force One Gym’s shoes” for casual footwear. Puma, Reebok, Adidas, Air Max and Nike Air Jordan are all good footwear choices for urban males.
  • Timberland boots are a great choice for hip-hop fashion for guys staying in a colder climate.

Formal Hip-Hop Wear:

  • It is a smart way to invest in a good button-up shirt if you are looking for a formal hip-hop style. Try to sport a coat or a blazer over the shirt if you want to create an even more formal style.
  • Many hip-hop icons are seen wearing a button-up shirt, a blazer, a pair of pants or crisp jeans and a perfect pair of shoes, especially Air Force One, when stepping out for a more glamorous appearance.
  • For a less formal look, you can go for a nice suit by wearing a nice t-shirt underneath instead of button-up shirt and a pair of trendy white athletic shoes.
  • In terms of footwear, guys who are looking for a proper formal hip-hop look can go for alligator shoes, which are very much in today’s hip-hop fashion and in VOGUE this season.
  • Other great footwear brands for men’s hip-hop style include Rockport, Kenneth Cole, Gucci, Bally and Creative Rex.

Accessories and Hats:

  • No outfit is complete until and unless you put on the right accessories when it comes to fashion. So, make sure that you invest in some good accessories to spruce up your outfits.
  • Must-have men’s hip-hop fashion accessories include items such as New Era fitted caps, aviator sunglasses or goggles, belts, Kangol and Dobb hats. These will definitely add flair to your outfit.
  • You may like to choose some trendy jewelries, also called BLING-BLING in today’s hip-hop fashion world. Jewelry items such as white gold bracelets, chains and diamond encrusted “iced-out” watches are some popular hip-hop bling-blings for men.
  • Cufflinks will add flavor to your look and make you look stylish, if you are wearing a button-up shirt and French cuffs.

These are some ideas for you to start with. Besides these ideas, you can use your creativity and make a fashion statement. However, when choosing any style or fashion, always remember to wear clothes or choose the style that fits your body shape and personality. Today’s fashion is all about your attitude!!!

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