How to Stay Fashionable On a Budget

rachel-bilsonIn today’s tough and hard recession times, it goes without words that staying fashionable and stylish is not easy to follow. Well, but that doesn’t mean you just have to ignore your desire to stay trendy and chic, it is still possible by using your intelligence. Here are a few tips to help you stay stylish on a budget.

Wardrobe Inventory:

  • It is wise to make a list of your wardrobe items and find out what kind of clothes you often wear and look best on you.
  • This will make you some idea what kind of clothes you need to add into your wardrobe, so that you can mix and match different pieces and create your own style. In this way you can stay stylish and make you look and feel like having lots of clothes.

Look for Discounts:

  • You can find certain trendy wardrobe items in the outside road shops or other stores selling in cheaper rate than in big showrooms or stores, so check out for such stores and select good items.
  • If you don’t find good clothes from there and you have to buy it from a showroom or buy branded stuffs, wait for the sales. Always check out for discount stores and clearances.
  • You can also find quite a few good online stores with cheaper prices yet incredible qualities.
  • Always check through internet for such online discounts and special sales.



  • Make sure that you have your signature styles and fashion stables. Yes, I am talking about a pair of good fitting jeans, classic white blouse, little black dress and white t-shirt. These must-have wardrobe pieces can be worn with almost anything and anywhere.

Accessorize Your Outfit:

  • Don’t forget to invest in some good, statement accessories such as beaded neck chains, big chunky bangles, statement finger rings. These accessories can be found in a much cheaper rate than your outfits.
  • Adding the right accessories can change your entire style and make you look trendy and chic. Urban Outfitters and H&M forever 21 are some places where you can get cheaper yet funky, stylish accessories.

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