Top 9 Fashion Disasters to Avoid

Yes, there may be no hard and fast rule when it comes to fashion, especially in today’s fashion. Anyone can create a new style and make a fashion statement, but that doesn’t mean you can wear whatever or however you want. There are certain things you should consider in order to avoid making fashion disasters. The best fashionista lady can even make fashion faux pas at times, so here are a few major fashion faux pas to avoid. Read on…


The Matchy-Matchy Mess:

We definitely need to match up certain outfits with the right fashion accessories, however don’t be over-obsessed to match your entire outfit and accessories. You should know that sometimes, it’s better when mix up with different patterns, textures and colors. As long as they complement each other, you don’t have to go for an exact match always.


The Accessory Overkill:

Please remember not to wear tons of jewelry or accessories when you are wearing a jacket or blouse that is fully jewelled or studded in any way. Adding too much of jewel accessories can overkill your beautiful outfit and your entire look. Moreover, too much jewelry screeches “I am a Gypsy at a Carnival” and that is not what you want right???


The Dark Makeup:

When we say fashion disaster, it’s not only about your clothing; it includes your entire appearance, including your make-up. For instance, if your face is messed, then hardly people will notice your clothing. So, part of fashion includes how well you put on makeup. Make sure that you don’t pair up with dark lipstick if you are applying dark eye makeup, unless you want to get that Addams Family Reunion.


The Completely Ignored Manicure:

As mentioned above, fashion is all about your entire physical appearance, you should not ignore your nails as well. Part of being in fashion is getting a completed look, starting from your head to toe. So, it’s time to keep your nails cleans and get those manicure done.


The Mismatched Pattern Disaster:

Never mix stripes and plaids when choosing your clothing. There may be certain patterns which complement each other, but stripes and plaids never go along, they are never friends when it comes to clothing style.


The Public Bra Strap:

Showing your bra strap is never a fashion, it is simply very tacky and ugly. No matter what pattern or color you are wearing, letting your bra straps pop always look trashy. And for your added information, make sure that you always wear the right bra or proper undergarments.


The Wrong Length:

For short women, it may be quite tricky to choose the right pants. Wearing the wrong kind of pants will make you appear even shorter than your actual height. So, if you are choosing Capri pants for this summer, make sure that the length of the pants falls right between your ankles and knee to avoid summer fashion faux pas. You also need to team up your Capri pants with a proper fitting blouse or shirt to create an illusion of taller look.

The White Problem:

Avoid wearing white shoes or sandals when you are wearing any white bottoms, whether it is shorts, skirts or pants. If not, you will simply end up looking like an Oompa Loompa coming out from the Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. And, who wants to look that???


A Stringy Issue

: Never try to show off your thongs, it was never impressing and stylish. Having that back thongs popping out above your jeans really look trashy and unattractive. So, always make sure that your pants cover it properly or you wear a top long enough to cover it even if you bent.
Now that you know these many fashion disasters, make sure that you avoid these fashion faux pas wherever you step out. You will definitely look more sophisticated and polished instantly.

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