Cheap and Trendy Beach Bags

There may be no particular bag specially designed for beach, however there are certain bags which looks better and more suitable for the beach wear. Beach is the perfect place for fun and relaxing. And, this should be indicated in your attire. So, if you are looking for some cool beach bags which are not expensive yet trendy, here we listed a few inexpensive and trendy beach bags which can make a big difference to your simple beach attire.


Nerdy Panda Tote – Forever21:

This nerdy panda tote handbag would be just perfect for beachwear. Moreover, the illustration and image is quirky and kitsch, and the colors of the bag is even more attractive and eye-popping bright. Apart from beach, you can even used this nerdy bag when you are just going out with your friends, shopping or even in the college if you are a student.


Funny Bunny Totes McGotes Bag:

This bag is absolutely very adorable and cute with the illustration of bunny rabbit pattern. If you carry this bag, you don’t have to worry about sand sticking onto your bag, because it is made from polyester. After lying on the beach, you can simply wipe it clear. It is comfortable, stylishly trendy and can be used in many other purposes as well.


Borders & Frontiers Karl Organic Canvas Bags:

Take beach style to street style with this unique bag featuring “Fake Karl with canvas tote”. This bag is stylishly cheeky and makes a style statement. You can find this bag in decent size which can fit all the beach essentials. Trust me, you can never go wrong with this bag.


Cath Kidston Bag:

This cute flowery bag is a perfect accessory for your beachwear. It is refreshing, playing and stylish. As it is PVC coated, the water and the sand will not ruin the texture and you can use it for long time.


Canvassing Backpack in Neighborhood:

This uber chic bag will definitely draw lots of attention at the beach. The bright red color and the design will make you stand out in the crowd. The 100% recycled cotton makes this backpack sturdy to store all your cosmetics.


Forever21 Dots All Around Handbag:

The polka dot will give you the retro girly look. The hot pink color will look flirtiously bold. The pockets in the front can hold your small beach items.


Enchante-elle Tote Bag:

It is another great trendy beach bag which any one can afford it without worries of any financial issue. This enchante-elle tote bag comes in charming bright red color with a pleasant mushroom print. Moreover, the twin handle of this bag allow for a comfortable easy access anywhere and the size of the bag is big enough to carry all your beach basics.

Well, so if you are a beach bunny. You should grab at least one of the above beach bags this summer and make a fashion statement!!!

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