Top 5 Most Controversial Style Icons

In today’s high fashion world, reaching the style icon level means more than just fashion sense. It’s all about your attitude and how you can pull of unique outfits and not always necessary to look on what you wear. Whether it’s a scary meat dress or an elegant and stunning little black dress, your personality and attitude is a must to make a fashion statement. Read on and find out the the top 5 most controversial fashion or style icons.

  1. Lady Gaga:

    The pop star singer is known for her weird kind of make-up and dressing. Right after you heard the lines “most controversial style icons”, I am sure you remember Lady Gaga immediately. So, it’s not surprising to know that Lady Gaga being the number one most controversial fashion icon. After seeing her sporting structural, meat dresses, monster killer heels and extremely weird hair accessories, she really seems like a monster lady wearing anything that comes to her mind without having to worry. But, as mentioned above, whether she dressed in outrageous feathers dresses, meat dresses and underwear or lace as the outerwear gown, Lady Gaga always look comfortable, very artistic and flawless. It’s all about attitude again!!!

  2. olsen-twins olsen-twins-1

  3. Olsen Twins:

    Olsen twins are certainly the most popular and loved identical twins in the film industry. And, once they start hitting the fashion streets, they were irresistible, unconventionally stylish. Olsen twins always go for an extremely bold and unique wardrobes with an insouciant attitude. After sporting Olsen twins, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen hit the streets in 16 cm killer heels day and night, going for a coffee, to a fast food, parties or to the red carpet, they manage to take the second most controversial style icons, next to Lady Gaga. The twins know how to attract everyone’s attention through their grunge-goth and messy-hobo style influences.

  4. rihanna-in-tuxetorihanna-in-unique-dress

  5. Rihanna:

    From “Umbrella” singer, she has definitely reach to the level of true rockstar, through her style and attitude. The pop star singer showed a variety of unusual hairstyle, hair color and make-up, dramatic changes and evolution of personal styles. She takes her style icon title quite seriously and always made her appearance and fashion to remember. From extremely, challenging music videos clothing to the irresistible, fabulous red carpet outfits or the casual sexy costumes, she embraces various unique styles and made her stand out from the other fashionista celebrities.

  6. blair-waldorf-in-mix-printsblair-waldorf-in-mix-patterns

  7. Blair Waldorf:

    Here we are talking about a character and not as a real person. In real life, Blair Waldorf may be Leighton Meester, but here we are talking about Blair Waldorf in “Queen Bee”. What is really interesting about Waldorf is that, her style doesn’t stand in her clothes label or her name, it’s all about her style and attitude. With debatable looks and eccentric appearances, the style diva can rule the street with odd color combination outfits, accessories and mix trends. From color combination of bloody red with fuschia to deep blue with forest green, or even mix all kinds of patterns and prints together, she can make herself look divine and stunning. A captivating style sense with a wonderful appearance, Blair Waldorf is certainly one of the most unstoppable fashion icon.

  8. taylor-momsen-ripped-off-tightsshort-mini-skirt

  9. Taylor Momsen

    : Gorgeous model like body, pissed-off rockstar, furious teenager, all these combined into one, and she is called Taylor Momsen. From The Pretty Reckless, badas lead singer to the Gossip Girl, Taylor Momsen finds her own fashion style influenced by music, she manage to take the title of style icon. Taylor draws attention from the press with her dramatic makeover and through her daring, slutty-stylish appearance, in which her red hot lipstick, ripped-off tights, leather biker jackets and mini skirts were indispensable. She adopts the Hate it or Love it style, which in fact suits her personality perfectly.

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