How to Wear a Camisole

jessica-alba1 A fashion essential for any women’s wardrobe is a camisole top, especially during summer and spring. It can be worn in many different ways for various occasions and events. But, that doesn’t mean you can wear a camisole in your own way and it will still look great. You need to consider certain fashion guidelines and follow certain ways to ensure that the way you are wearing a camisole is looking good and appropriate for the event.

Many superstars and celebrities from Madonna to Miley Cyrus have sported this feminine, comfy top, the camisole. Read on to learn some good style tips on how to wear a camisole and make this sexy trend work for you in different occasions.

For Dressing Up:

If you have any plan to go out straight from the work or office, you can remove your blazer and turn your day or formal wear into an evening wear. For semi-formal occasions such as an evening for a movie or dinner at a fine restaurant, you can simply pair a nice camisole in neutral shades and muted colors with pumps and a pencil skirt. If you are not comfortable going with just a camisole, you can top off your feminine, camisole top with a glittering wrap or a shawl.


For Work:

Wearing the right camisole top can also make your business outfit look less severe and more feminine. Opt for a bright color, silky camisole for a business outfit. Bright colors such as purple, red and pink camisoles look great for office wear when top with an elegant cardigan or a blazer. You can also layer two different camisoles together for a more interesting and stylish look. However, ensure that both camisoles have similar straps, armholes and necklines, because you don’t want to make you look very messy and look like a joger.

For Clubbing:

Just a pair of fitting jeans with a nice sassy camisole simply look fabulous and hot for a girls night out or an evening with girls. A silky camisole with sexy frills and lace trim is also a good choice for a clubbing. If you want to get sexier look, you can go for a v-neckline camisole which will allow you to display a hint of your sexy, killer cleavage. Other cool camisoles which you may like to consider for a casual, party wear are those with shimmery fabric and leopard. You can simply pair these kind of camisoles with a skirt, skinny jeans and a nice pair of strappy heels.

For Casual Daytime Wear:

Go for a lacy, frizzy cotton camisole for a casual daytime wear and pair up with an unexpected shirt or bottom such as a structured shirt or a fitting ripped jeans. Today, contrast in feminine and masculine details are always trendy and chic, and is a great way to take other’s attention. For a current spring look yet effortless look, pair up your simple camisole top with a harem pants.


  • Pair up your silky camisole with an elegant fitting blazer for the office wear; this will certainly add a feminine charm to your look.
  • For a casual chic look, you can team up your lacy camisole with something contrasting or unexpected bottoms such as structured skirt or faded, ripped jeans. Combination of feminine and masculine details is very much in today’s trends.
  • Do wear a smooth-cupped, strapless bra to bring out the best shape. Or, for more support, you can go for a cami which has a built-in shelf bra.


  • Avoid wearing a silky cami-top with pyjama bottoms or a slip-like skirt, too many lingerie looks will simply spoil the great look.
  • Busty women should avoid those skimpy camisoles. Instead they should go for more substantial tank top with lace trims like the one in heavier cotton material or with thick straps.

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