How to Avoid Making Office Fashion Mistakes

scarlett-johanssonAlthough office dress code or clothing style has become more casual in the last few years, you should understand that an office is still your working place where you need to be professional and require respect always. Remember that, office dress code becoming more casual doesn’t mean you should forego your professional style and wear only those funky clothes or dowdy clothing. So, if you are not sure about the office fashion styles, here are a few fashion tips for you to avoid making fashion mistakes in the office or workplace.

Excessive jewelry:

Yes, putting on lots of fashion accessories is the definitely the trend, however that doesn’t mean that you have to follow the latest trend wherever you go. Excessive pieces of chunky jewelry may look unflattering and overwhelming for an office look. So, avoid wearing too much of chunky, large bracelets or bangles, long earrings or chains in your work place. Save these fashion accessories for your friends night out or evening office party.

No Sneakers:

Yes, there is no doubt that sneakers are very comfortable and nice to look at, but understand that they are not mean for office wear. Sneakers are perfect for the country club, friends outing or for casual wear. Today, there are a number of formal shoes that give the same comfort level and can be worn in office as well. So, opt for those kind of shoes for office footwear instead of sneakers.

Avoid Wearing a Tank or Halter Top:

Tank tops and halter tops are good and perfect for girls night out, party or for evening wear, but not for office. They are too casual for a professional workplace. However, a tank top and halter top can be acceptable if pair up with a nice fitting blazer or coat in an office setting. Otherwise, leave your halter tops and tank tops for next holiday trip or a trip to the beach with your friends.

Showing too Much is a Big NO-NO:

Avoid wearing revealing dress in the workplace. Your workplace is not the right place to wear your favorite new bustier you just purchase at Hollywood Fredericks. Yes, this will help you draw everyone’s attention, but it may not be a complimentary look. So, you better save all your revealing clothes for a night out or other party time.


Avoid Wearing a Sweatshirt or Printed t-shirt:

A printed sweatshirt or t-shirt may be too casual for an office setting again. Moreover, if the message written on your shirt is controversial , you may be simply getting the risk of disturbing or offending other workers. For example, your boss will definitely won’t impress you wearing a t-shirt with a message like “ I have an attitude problem” or “Wasted All The Time” etc. So, if you have to wear a t-shirt, ensure that it is not printed and you put on a professional blazer on top of it.

Avoid Wearing a Miniskirt:

Shorts or miniskirts are flirty, cool and cute during girls night out or day out, but not at the workplace. Don’t forget that your workplace is not the place for showing off your sexy, long legs by wearing a super shorts or miniskirt. Well, you may be acceptable to wear all those miniskirts and shorts and you can flaunt your sexy legs in the party or evening, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear it in the office as well.

Although, you look great and stunning in a short miniskirt, you may be sending the wrong signal to your colleagues and your boss. So, if you have to wear short skirt, make sure that it’s up to your knee or just below your knee. This will make you look professional yet fashionable.

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