Tips to Wear Strapless Dress

natalie-portmanCelebrities love to flaunt their curves and sexy female silhouette by wearing strapless dresses. Strapless dresses are definitely the favorites of many designers and superstars right from the film premier to the red carpet to casual outing or any other event. Well, but that doesn’t mean these strapless dress are for only superstars or celebrities, even common women enjoy the beauty of these sexy, strapless dresses. Here are a few tips to wear these strapless dresses seductively and comfortably and make you look dazzling and sexy.

Fitting is Critical:

  • Strapless dresses are look best on those women with sexy and toned upper body structure. So, make sure that this strapless dress suits your body type before buying any expensive strapless dress.
  • Once you decided to purchase this strapless dress, choose the one that fits you perfectly.
  • While trying such dresses, take time to choose the perfect fit. Bend down, stretch up your arms, walk for a bit and see that you are comfortable and it don’t expose any of your body parts which you don’t want to expose.

Wear the Right kind of Bra:

  • Wearing the right inner wears also play a main part in making you look good and fab. Wearing the wrong kind of bra can make you feel very uncomfortable and simply spoil your whole appearance.
  • Avoid wearing those regular strapless bras, for they are more likely to slip with continuous movement. You need to wear a strapless long-line bra that gives proper shape and right support for a strapless dress.
  • This long-line strapless bra is a bra which extends down till the waist to provide better structure to avoid slippage and gives more comfort.
  • You can also pin up the bra to your inner side of your dress for added support and keep it in place, especially for women who are going to be very active.


Keep your Accessories Minimal and Simple:

  • Simple accessories work best in a strapless dress. Here, the idea is just to add little style and more elegant and not to overdone.
  • It’s not always necessary to wear lots of jewelries or chunky accessories when wearing a strapless dress.
  • In fact, wearing nothing or a few around your hands and neck will make you look more sophisticated and graceful. You’ve already made enough drama with that strapless dress, so you don’t have to put on more.
  • However, if you can’t go your jewelries, just a gemstone necklace or a beautiful strand of pearls with a nice pendant will help you complete that elegant, sophisticated look.
  • Strapless dress can be paired up with sling-backs, stilettos or peep toes to give better posture to your body and make you look elegant. Slingbacks are a great option to accentuate your strapless dress.

Strapless Dresses for Day Wear:

  • For a new day look, you can simply wear your strapless dress with a nice stall or scarf around your neck.
  • By adding a cool wrap or a classic coat scarf, you can even wear your strapless dress to the work place.
  • Or, you can also put on a fitted jacket or a pretty knit top over your strapless dress to create a fashionable day wear.

Well, a strapless dress can change your overall look; make you feel and look sexy and fashionable. So, don’t simply ignore it or dismiss it too quickly just because your body is not as great as those celebrities. With a little more creativity, addition of various accessories, you can wear this strapless dress and create a versatile, fashionable wardrobe piece.

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