How to Wear a Beret

cameron-diaz1A beret is a round, flat sexy hat which can be woven or Rastafarian knitted. This is a simple fashion accessory piece, however when worn properly, it can make you look classy and chic. The secret rule behind this stylish hat is that, a beret can be worn as a fashion accessory at the same time it can cover up a bad hair day for girls and a bald patch for guys. These lovely hats are popularly seen sporting by many runaway celebrities and models alike.

A beret hat has been very popular as a military hat and is definitely a part of military uniform. It can be worn during winter to keep you warm and in summer to add stylish and chic look to your outfit. Moreover, a beret hat is a genderless fashion accessory, so both men and women can wear and enjoy this hat. A bright, nice beret can make your simply outfit look super funky and stylish, but the trick is to wear it in a correct way. Here are a few tips on how to wear a beret hat correctly.

Tips to Wear a Beret Hat:

  • Pulling the hair back or tucking the hair inside the hat is the worst and most common mistake often made by a beret wearer.
  • Remember, how the sexy American actress, Alicia Silverstone look chic and stylish with her front fringes and the beret on??? So, don’t put your hair inside the beret hat, instead let the hair frame your facial structure.
  • A beret hat needs to be worn loosely on top. You don’t have to stretch it and cover your entire head.
  • If you want that classy and stylish look, you may like to wear your hat at a tilt. However, make sure that your beret hat doesn’t slip down lower than your ear.
  • Make sure that wearing a beret hat should add style to your look. If it doesn’t suit with your outfit, just remove it and try next time in other outfit.
  • Wearing an army beret hat is a strict NO-NO, if you are not in the armed forces. The headband should be slightly above the eyebrows for an army man. Make sure that you tuck the ribbon ends inside the hat.
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  • A beret hat goes the best with your casual clothes. A trendy t-shirt and a pair of jeans will simply look stunning when worn with a chic beret hat.
  • Buy a bright colored beret or add a nice brooch into it and get trendy and funky with your beret. This is certainly a great way of getting everyone’s attention when you go out.
  • Having at least one nice beret hat will make your life easier and simpler, if you are looking for ways to cover a bald patch or a receding hairline.
  • Just put on your beret hat loosely over your forehead and leave a few bangs or fringes to frame your face. You can make a big difference on your look with it.
  • People say, a beret hat should not be worn straight on your head or no tilt. However, it all depends on how you pull off yourself. Many celebrities were even seen wearing their berets straight up and simply look fabulous.
  • Since a beret hat has to be worn casual and loosely, you might feel as if it’s slipping off. So, if you don’t want to keep fidgeting or adjusting your beret hat, you can secure it tightly with a few hairpins to your hair. But, ensure that the pins cannot be noticed.

Now that you’ve learn how to wear your chic beret hat, you can create your own style as well. However, always ensure that you are not making any fashion faux pas by tucking all your hair inside the hat. Just keep your hair loose and style it as you want. Enjoy!!!

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