Fashion Tips for Professional Women

sandra-bullockClothes alone may not make the person; however they can certainly break or make your career. Today, business attire is a must for all the employers in corporate companies. A flawless style of clothing is a must for everyone from senior level executives to those just joining the workplace alike. It doesn’t really matter what you do, where you live or who are you. The wrong outfit or the style can signal the wrong message, and this wrong signal can block you from upgrading the corporate hierarchy.

Well, fashionista women shouldn’t worry, for business attire does not always mean boring and simple attire. You can still show off your great fashion sense without forfeiting your professional image. Read on and learn some good fashion tips for professional women.

Choose your Threads Wisely:

Firstly, be happy that you’ve got a job instead of worrying about your outfits always. Don’t worry that you cannot wear all your skinny jeans anymore; you can still impress and look stylish or even more with the business attire. When it comes to fashion for professional look, you need to skip the urge to overdo. Instead, keep everything minimal and build that professional look with just a piece at one time.


Sacrifice your Revealing Dress:

You can sacrifice your casual, revealing dress, but you don’t have to forfeit quality for quantity. Build the basic professional look with a little-black-dress. Pair a navy blue or black blazer with a matching pants or skirt to create a corporate look, which can easily pull off smartly in both morning and evening. You can also mix-match your bottoms and tops with this basic wardrobe and accessorize with shoes and jewelry.

Put your Best Foot Forward:

A nice pair of shoes can make a big difference in your style or your wardrobe. It can either kill your look or complement it. So, never overlook your footwear. Purchase a good quality shoes or sandals and always keep them polished and clean. If you have to walk down the pavement for quite long, you may like to wear a pair of cheap shoes during your commute and change into your stilettos or sandal after reaching your workplace.

Save Your Body Hugging Dress for Other times:

Even if you have to attend an office party, don’t forget that you’ve to be professional during work hours. So, wear your basic little black dress during work time and afterwards you can change into your funky, party dresses and strappy sandals.


Makeup Tips:

Keep your makeup minimal as much as possible during office time if you want to create that professional look, and want you to be taken seriously at office. Rather than putting lots of makeup and making you look attractive, emphasize your natural beauty, natural look is always the best.

Don’t use more than two eye shadows for a daily professional look. Add a deeper shade on the crease and ‘smoke’ your eyes if you want to retain your fresh morning look till evening. For an office party look, add little shimmer to your shoulders and cheeks and apply a deeper shade of lip gloss or lipstick.

Don’t Go too casual on Casual Friday:

Don’t take away by the word ‘casual’ Friday as total casual day. Remember, you still have to be in your office and you still need that professional look and respect at your work place on Friday. Casual Friday means a day where you don’t really need your three-piece suit and not a day for walking around in cat-suits, miniskirt and that funky/cowgirl boots.

Well, so working ladies, don’t forget that a well dressed person is always preferred in any job and will definitely more successful than a person who don’t dress appropriately.

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