Fashion Tips for a Brunette

Well, it may be quite difficult to give fashion or makeup tips to a general population, because there are certain exceptions and rules in each person. You might have heard people told you many times, “wow! Only you can pull off this style” and yes it’s absolutely right!!!

What works for you may not necessarily work for others also. But, here are a few guidelines that will give some hints to go from when trying to look your best, whether you are blessed with a natural brunette hair or your hair’s freshly dyed. Read on…

Fall in Love with Color:

  • Tell yourself you are a lucky girl, if you are a natural brunette, for you can pull of almost all colors nicely.
  • Brunettes should not be afraid that bright turquoise or red peacock tank will over-shine their coloring.
  • They can wear black, white, or any other color. They just need to figure out which shades work best for them by considering their skin undertones.

Be Cautious with Icy Shades:

  • Brunettes need to be little cautious with icy colors. As mention above, bold shades usually work best for dark hair.
  • Moreover, you should leave those pastel shades for your fair-haired sisters, for they are not for dark haired people. For example, a very pale blue or pink may not be good enough to balance out the dress or shirt color with your depth hair color.
  • However, that doesn’t mean brunettes should not wear pastel shades at all. It’s just that dark colors can add more oomph look on a brunette than those light pastel and icy shades.


White versus Black:

  • It’s better to opt for white shade in most cases if you have to choose between a black and white turtleneck or collared shirt.
  • White can showcases your brunette hair more effectively for the contrast look. While, black are more likely to blend in with the dark color or your dark hair.
  • If you want to wear black color, go for low-neck cut tops like V-shape tops.

Try Wearing a Scarf in your Hair:

  • Accessorize boldly on your head like wearing a scarf or other style accessories in your hair.
  • To break up your hair color and for a mod accent, try polka dot scarf. You can team it with a neutral color shirt to jazz up a boring ensemble.
  • You can also try thick headband, it works really well. Don’t forget to sport your “dark Jackie O sunglasses” when you are stepping out to the sun.

Coordinate your Clothing with your Makeup:

  • If you have golden or red tones brunette hair, you can wear blush/bronzer and coral gloss. Coral complements warm shades much better than pastels.
  • So, wear a pink or berry gloss and pink blush coordinating your makeup with your clothing.
  • It’s not always necessary to match your lips color and shirt, however ensure that your shirt and lipstick share the same undertones.
  • You can wear a berry colored lipsticks with blue undertones if you wear blue-purple colored shirt.
  • If you are wearing mustard yellow shirt, you can look for yellow tones lipstick like golden nudes.


Other Style Tips:

  • If consider wearing jewelries, opt for a silver jewelry. Silver looks best on people with darker brownish hair. If you pull up your hair into a ponytail, wearing a long hanging earrings will help you lengthen your neck.
  • On those serious or formal occasions like for a job interview, you may like to tie up your hair or make a bun and pair up with a fitting suit. This will make you look more confident and qualified.

Well, now play up your look with colors. So, put on some flattering color and a scarf in your hair, for brunettes deserve to get all the fun and styles in this fashion world.

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