Jewelry Tips for Plus Size Women

adjustable-jewelryWell, so you have been invited for an important function to attend next week. So, you started shopping happily and purchase a great pair of heels, a dress to wear and a matching bracelet or necklace. But unfortunately, you realize that this nice bracelet doesn’t fit you after reaching your home and trying out. Yes, this is a very common situation for plus size women. In this case, what will you do, look for something else or give up wearing bracelet, or try to lengthen it??? Check out the possible two options.

Finding the Right Fit:

Always go for an adjustable bracelet when ever you are looking for the perfect bracelet for you. Although, jewelries that are fixed look big in size, you will often find them not fitting for you. This kind of jewelries cannot be tightened nor loosened and is usually made based on standard sizes.

Look for Adjustable Jewelry:

Plus size women will usually find their perfect fitting jewelries in adjustable type jewelries. Keep an eye on those items which can be adjusted to different degrees. For example, when looking for a wrist watch, check out the one which has more than 3-4 sizings. Don’t forget to check of extra length as well, because you need to ensure that the strap of it can be fastened down.

Some plus size clothing stores also sell other latest trend and style fashion accessories including jewelries, so you can also check out in some clothing stores as well if you find difficulty in finding your perfect jewelry size.


Altering Jewelry:

There may be a chance or possibility to lengthen the jewelry piece, if you are ready to invest in more money and time into that particular piece of jewelry. This works best with those jewelries which are made of standard components, which are also called findings. While, you cannot lengthen a bracelet or necklace which is made up of one-of-a-kind findings.

This extension of the jewelry length consists of adding various links. Most jewelry shops offer this job of lengthening the jewelry, however you need to pay some extra amount.

How to Lengthen the Jewelry by Yourself:

If you are considering lengthening the jewelry by yourself, you should get jewelry’s wire-cutters, a needle nose pliers and additional links or wire to lengthen the piece of jewelry. You may require extra length of wires or links to do the job by yourself, in case of error or trial you did. These items can be found at crafts and arts stores, online jewelry supply stores or jewelry supply stores. When shopping for these items, don’t forget to carry your jewelry with you. In this way, you can find the perfect match wires or links.

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