Fashion Tips for Ladies with Big Busts

kimkardashianMost women secretly dream of having big breasts and they never understand those who are complaining that it cause lots of problems. Well, but it actually does sometimes when it comes to fashion. Yes, breast are the greatest assets of women and guys really like it. But, there are certain situations when you simply don’t want to have such a big treasure.

However, if you know how to pick the right kind of clothes according to your body, you will not have much problems. Here are a few fashion tips to help you show off your beautiful breasts without making it look too huge or vulgar.

Good Fabrics for Big Breasts Women:

Choose good fabrics that would look good on your body. Women with big busts should opt for a light, good quality, flowing fabrics that have a fine finishing such as light cotton, jersey, cashmere and flannel. Make sure that you invest in some good body hugging basics, but should not be too tight.

Best Colors for Ladies with Big Busts:

Women with big busts should always stick to dark, slimming colors. Some of the best colors for big breasts women are:

  • New blacks: anthracite grey, deep purple and navy
  • Neutral: taupe and grey
  • Deep: dark green and burgundy

Forgo Prints Trends or to Wear?

Women with big breasts can also pull off nicely with print trends, unless they are not too loud. If you are uncomfortable about your mammaries, you can sex up your outfits by wearing a minimizer bra. They comes in sizes D and above. Minimizer bras clench and surround big busts without crushing them.


How to Conceal your Cleavage:

If you are not comfortable showing off your killer cleavage, you may like to see the following steps.

Strapless Dresses:

Strapless dresses squeeze your body’s figure in without hugging too tight. Dress that gives the nice shape but conceal the cleavage is ideal, especially when worn a knee-length dress with a full coat.

Jersey Dresses:

These kind of dress suits almost all body shapes and any woman can pull of nicely with jersey dresses. Make sure that you choose the perfect fitting clothes and those having a nice cut. Wearing an over-sized clothe will make you look even bigger than your actual size. Women with big busts should stick to a nice décolleté dress with a little silk collar and a round shape. Yummy chocolate or taupe grey shades work well with ladies with big breasts. You can team these kind of dresses with an over-sized bag and boots.

White Blouses:

Sex up your body with an unbuttoned white shirt and sleeves rolled up. If you have a tummy, you can go for a slight bigger size and knot it at your waist. It works great when pairing with a short skirt. Or, tuck into the jeans or pants and pair it with a good pair of heels for an added height.


Highlight your Killer Cleavage:

Well, you know that your killer cleavage can drives men crazy and wild, so why bother to conceal it. Pick the right dresses and show off your killer cleavage without making you look skanky.

Wrap Dresses:

A good wrap dress with V-shaped or plunging necklines in crepe silk or muslin can bring out the best body of you. Women with bingo wings can opt for long or short puffy sleeves instead of sleeveless dresses.

Jumpsuit Shorts and Trousers:

Opt for fabrics like satin which won’t appear like a sack in deep green or grey shade are a great option for women with big breasts. Jazz up your outfits with layer shiny beads to emphasize your sexy cleavage, or with a little chain vintage bag or with a charm attached. Women with thin legs can opt for skinny-leg trousers and shorts for women with wide hips.

Well, so by following the above tips you can create a perfect body image that will make you feel good about yourself and feel proud of your killer busts.

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