Tall Women Fashion: How to Dress Sexy

Trust me… it doesn’t require much to jazz up an outfit when you are a tall woman. You have got those immense neck, long legs and got the perfect height which every woman dream of secretly. So, you don’t have to try hard to make you look sexy unlike short women trying hard to make them look sexy. If you wear the right clothes and take little care to counterbalance the sex-effect, you are there within a second to take away the eyes of every man. Here are a few fashion tips for tall women to dress sexy.

Show a Little Skin:

  • Guys are visual in nature, so it’s good to show a little skin to make you look more appealing.
  • Focus on highlighting one or two body areas without making you look skanky.
  • For example, you can consider highlighting your long legs and your back, or your arms and your long neck, but avoid showing off all at once.

Choose the Right Shoes:

  • Footwear is the first thing that attracts others attention for tall women. So, always ensure that you wear the right footwear according to your outfits.
  • Avoid wearing heavy or chunky shoes for a night out.
  • A lightweight ankle boot, a metallic studded heel, a strappy sandal or a stilettos will make you look great without the added weight.

Less is More:

  • This trick works for every woman, tall or short, slim or bulky, when it comes to fashion and style.
  • You don’t have to purchase an over-the-top, shiny, low-v-neck, red mini dress to make you appear like a million dollars.
  • You can look good, attractive and sexy in any kind of dress if you wear in the right way. In fact, you could look much attractive and sexier in a shirred metallic strapless or one-shouldered top, a fitting skinny black jeans or pants with a flattering hairstyle.
  • Remember, you are already sexy with your immense height alone and you don’t need to add up many things to make others know that you are attractive and sexy.

Tight and Small Don’t Always go Along:

  • Choose only one tight or skin-baring piece when getting ready for a night out.
  • For instance, you can pair a back-baring tunic top with a tights, or strappy heels with a sheath minidress. But, wearing a head-to-toe spandex outfit or a skin-tight minidress will make you appear like a dollar hooker rather than making a woman worth staring for.

Last, but not the least, always remember that, regardless of what outfit you are wearing, it will be your smile, confidence and your attitude that will set you different from other women.

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