Fashion Tips for Short Girls

nicolie-ritchiGirls who are short and thinking that they cannot follow the latest fashion trends because of their height, be happy for you don’t have to feel like that anymore. Short girls often think that being a fashionist and fashion trends means only for tall girls. But, it’s absolutely not true. Today, there are a number of fashion trends and different cloth designs to fit every body type.

Every girl is beautiful and unique. So, short girls stop being feeling bad that you can’t dress up like tall girls, just go through the following fashion tips and hit this fashion world like you never did in your life!!! These fashion tips listed below are trendy and very easy to follow.

Choose the Right Color:

Your clothes color can make a drastic change when it comes to physical appearance and fashion. So, let’s see what color short girls should opt for to bring the illusion of taller height.

  • The first and most important fashion tip for short girls is to go for monochromatic colors.
  • Wearing a particular color skirt and a contrasting colored top will visually cut the body in half making you appear even shorter than your usual height.
  • So, it’s best for short girls to go for one color outfits. Look for a long monochromatic gown or choose a top and pants or skirt of a same shade.
  • This monochromatic look will make you look taller than your actual height.

Choose Dark Colors:

  • Go for dark shades instead of bright or light shades. Dark colors in monochromatic look are just perfect for short girls.
  • Dark colors will not only make you appear taller but also make you appear slimmer.
  • Short girls should not only aim to look taller but also to look slimmer. Usually, short girls have the tendency to appear fat and wider than the actual size because of the height.

Choose a High Waist Jeans and Trousers:

  • Always stick to high waist pants or trousers with a short top, for they will make you appear taller.
  • If jeans or trousers are not your type, you can go for high waist skirts to create an illusion of taller height and make you look curvy.

Avoid flared bottom pants:


  • Short girls should avoid wearing bell bottom pants or extremely flared bottom trousers. Such pants will make you appear even shorter than your actual height.
  • It’s always better for short girls to opt for pants or jeans that cover the shoes but not flared bottom jeans.
  • Capri pants may look cool and cute sometimes, but they may not be that great for short girls, especially if their aim is to create taller look. Capri pants also cut your body and make you appear shorter.
  • The best fashion for short girls is to wear a pair of high heels and a pair of nice fitting jeans that cover the shoes or the heel lightly.

Keep your Accessories Minimal:

  • When it comes to accessories, ensure that you don’t wear those junky accessories.
  • So, avoid those chunky belts and opt for a nice, stylish lean belt and delicate earrings instead.

Think about the celebrities, you think that all celebrities have the right figure and height??? NO!!! But, they still look fabulous and absolutely stunning with different fashion styles. In fact, many celebrities who are short in height like Eva Longoria, pop star Avril Lavinge, Nicolie Ritchi and Christina Aquilera many times made a fashion statement in many different occasions and seasons.

Fashion is all about choosing the right type of outfit, style, color and how smartly and comfortably you can pull off the outfits and is nothing to do with the height. So, short girls be happy now and enjoy the various fashion style by considering the above fashion tips.

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