How to Wear a Scarf

While scarf is being the hottest fashion accessories in today’s fashion trends, many people are still not sure how to wear a scarf in the right way. But, in today’s fashion trends, no women just can’t ignore the style of wearing a scarf. So, how about learning a few tips on how to wear a scarf and jazz up your simple outfits and create a stunning look???


Go for a Sophisticated Monochromatic Look:

Opt for one shade outfits and scarf. Tone-on-tone outfit looks and scarf work best with neutral shades such as cream, camel, black and navy. And, when you mix fabrics like shine, wool, satin, etc., go for a sophisticated vibe. All black is stunning like how Charlize Theron pair up a pair of black jeans with a long knit scarf and metallic jacket.

Get this Look:

Just roll a long scarf over your neck, then twist the scarf in the middle of your neck and let the ends dangle loosely in front of you to get this style.

Don’t Think your Scarf can Save your Bad Outfit:

Always keep in mind that a scarf is to add some styles to your outfit or to accessories your outfit and not to hide your bad outfit. Moreover, wearing the wrong kind of scarf can ruin your nice stylish outfit as well. So, ensure that you choose a matching scarf to your outfit. For example, a skinny scarf may not go well with a voluminous shirt or sweater.

Faux Pas to Fab:

Although monochromatic style looks great and chic, sometimes they can be very unflattering and dull if not mix textures properly. Save your skinny scarf for some fitting jackets and tops.


Try Wearing a Flattering Shade Close to Your Face:

Jessica Alba just draped a bright pink scarf on her neck and she simply look stunning and fabulous. So, people who wish to look fabulous with scarves just mimic Jessica’s style and go for a flattering scarf color and add some glow and excitement to your outfit. To get this look, opt for a long fringed scarf in blends, knit, wool or cashmere and simply tie around your neck loosely once.


Don’t Overwhelm Your Face with a Scarf:

A scarf is not mean to cover your face, but to add style to your looks. So, just roll your scarf on your and ensure that your scarf doesn’t go higher than your jaw line. If not, instead of adding style or being trendy, you’ll simply end up looking like a fashion disaster. For example, Reese Witherspoon’s over-sized scarf makes her look like the scarf is choking her.

Faux Pas to Fab:

It’s time to say goodbye to the trend of over-sized knotted scarf on the neck and go gaga over a more timeless style with a tied scarf or simply draped.


Make a Scarf Your Focus Accessory:

For a sophisticated and stylish evening look, a white scarf with a nice pair of black pantsuit is what you need, like how Vanessa Hudgens pulls off her simple black outfit with a contrasting white scarf beautifully.

Get This Look:

To get this look, start rolling a long scarf over your neck loosely. Toss both the ends over the back and then bring back the ends on the front and simple leave the ends to hang down.


Don’t Simply Toss a Scarf as an Afterthought:

Although, scarves can accessorize your simple outfit and making your look trendy, it won’t simply work the magic all the time. You need to find a matching scarf over your outfit. Tossing a random scarf on your cocktail or evening dress won’t work all the time.

Faux Pas to Fab:

A pashmina shawl works best for an evening wear. Gracefully adorn over your shoulder for a gorgeous evening or cocktail look.

Well, now that you got some ideas on how to wear a scarf, grab some nice scarves and spice up your outfits and make the most use of your scarves to add some styles to your look.

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