Men’s Fashion Investments for 2011

If you are fashionable and smart, you should be asking yourself what you should invest in this year and not about what you will buy. Besides, if you are considering spending your hard earned money on fashion or fashionable wardrobe pieces, you should know where to start spending your money.

Following the latest fashion trends or being fashionable is not only about spending a huge sum of money on fashion clothes, but it’s all about how wisely you select your fashion style and invest in some wardrobe essentials smartly. Read on and get to know some basic men’s fashion investments for this year.

Slim Neckties:


  • Your physical appearance, your dressing style can speak a lot about yourself. So guys, ensure that you invest in a few good quality slim neckties this season and make you look smart and attractive always.
  • They can be worn on various occasions, whether it’s for office wear, interview, business meeting, smart casual wear or for official parties.
  • But, make sure that you are not mistaken slim neckties with skinny ties.
  • The perfect and most fashionable necktie size in today’s fashion trend is somewhere nearly 2.75-3.25 inches at the fullest point. This size is bound to fit and look good on everybody.
  • Look for a pattern which you have never had before like a plaid, logo stripe, tartan or a check.
  • It’s time to leave your old plain stripped neckties at your home and go for the new pattern or shades.
  • New colors such as pinks and green shades are also worth investing this year if you want to stand out from the crowd and draw everyone’s attention.

Denim Jackets:

People who keep their eyes on the latest fashion trends and Hollywood’s fashion may aware that denim jackets were one of the hottest fashion trends in the late 2010. With several brands such as GAP flaunting jean jackets with beautiful and handsome modelers in their latest collections, it still rules the hottest fashion trend this fashion year.

  • You should invest in dark, slim jean jacket this year for many reasons. A loose jean jacket is so like 1993, so make sure that you choose a proper fitting slim jacket.
  • And, the reason to buy dark wash denim jacket is to make you wear it right away.
  • Moreover, though denim jean jackets fade away the color after some months of washings, they acquire their own unique color and character which will still look fabulous.
  • Double dosing on denim which means pairing up your jean jacket with a nice pair of jeans. This style is so much in VOGUE, which many fashionable guys are trying out this year.
  • So, if you also planning to attempt this style make sure that the jacket and the jeans are completely different in color, such as a black jacket with a pair of gray jeans.
  • Or, try to break up the shade. For example, if you are pairing up blue denim jacket and blue jeans, try wearing red shirt.

Canvas Duffels:

Canvas and leather seem to be taking turns simply in the fashion limelight today. However, canvas duffels seem to win the heart of many fashionable guys this year. So, if you don’t have any, be sure to invest in at least one quasi-slouchy canvas duffels this year.


Good Quality Bag:

To complete your style, look for a nice bag which has some definite shape, so that it can be used for both the office and the gym. Go for a strong shade such as dark brown and black instead of choosing some usual light colors. Minimal details such as contrast trim or over-sized zippers will keep it look more trendy and fashionable.

Who says fashion is only for women??? There is certainly no reason why guys have to be cut-out when it comes to the fashion world. Today, there are numerous fashion styles and new cut designs for men’s outfits every season like women fashion trends. So, keep updating your fashion trends every season and KEEP ROCKING GUYS!!!

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