Fashion Bags 2011

latest-fashion-handbagsYes, no one can deny that women take a great pride in possession of nice, expensive bags. Though, all women don’t actually follow the latest fashion trends, most women would love to invest their money in a good designer handbag. So, here we listed a few hottest fashion bags for women for this year 2011.

These bags can be carried in any season, however they may look best during summer season. For in summer, you want something light and airy, bright and beautiful and the following bags offer all these qualities which is just perfect for summer season.

Knitted Fashion Handbags:


  • Grab those handbags that come in a large size, decorated with tassels, beads, chains, leather inserts and lace knitting.
  • These bags look really cool and fabulous in summer. Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana offer a wide range of these fashionable bags with various colors and designs.
  • Knitted fashion handbags are a perfect choice for every “fashionista woman” for this summer 2011.
  • Handbags made of cloth, decorated with roses, lined with sparkling sequins, the little lock are also a great choice for this year summer. They usually come with handles made of crystal or shiny metal.

Louis Vuitton Fashion Bags:


  • This year, Louis Vuitton handbags top the list among many fashionable handbags. Vuitton bags come with a big hit this year with small shoulder bags and colorblocked, loud clutches that screamed in clashing techni-color artfully.
  • Ruby red and black electrician are the most hottest two colors that come in Louise Vuitton bags this year, and each bag associated with famous buildings and places in Paris.
  • Fashion Handbags Braccialini:

    • When it comes to the best quality leather bags, Braccialini handbags have taken over many designer handbags.
    • Each collection is unique and unusual which can always draw the attention of the customer. Braccialini handbags come at the highest level of leather products, luxury and benign.

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