Think Purple – Purple Shoes

Fashion. It is very difficult to follow. Everyday a new trend shows up. We need a tracking system. As you guess, we mention a different trend in this article;

Purple Shoes.

Are you in the purple mood? If so, then go and get yourself these chic shoes. Complete your look with these shoes. If you choose the right accessories, you would have a perfect look. You can ruin these lovely shoes with wrong clothes and accessories.

Tips to Wear Purple Shoes

  • The first thing that you need to do is choose the best shoes for you. The style and type of the shoes are very important. It should match with your skin color. The tone of the color should be good for your. For simple outfits, a pair of pastel color shoes would be a good choice. For elegant dresses, you can go for shiny shoes.
  • Wear a neutral color pant with your purple shoes. Dark color jeans would be good match with these shoes too. You can go for bright color of skinny jeans to wear. As long as you get the harmony between your top and your bottom, you can have a really fashionable look.
  • You can combine your bottom with a multicolored top which is not exact purple. If you get a top which has similar color with purple, it would be a perfect match. If you want to wear a simple color top, you can get a regular or bolero jacket which is close to purple.
  • It is time to have your accessories. Your color is still purple for accessories. If you get exact purple accessories, it would be a little bit heavy. Especially, if you are wearing a purple blouse, then get simple color accessories like pearls. But, if you are wearing a simple color blouse with purple jacket, you can have your accessories in the same color with your blouse.

Don’t think too much about your clothes. Just think purple. Take your purple shoes and add style to your look.

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