Fashion Magazines

We all know that it is not easy to follow fashion trends. Because, in every season, even in every month, a new trend comes to the stages. You just learned about a new trend, next day another one shows up. Don’t worry, we found a way to follow the new fashion trends:

Fashion Magazines.

Considering that fashion is a huge industry, it would not be necessary to talk about the improvement in this sector. There are so many magazines which inform the readers about fashion news, latest trends and everything about fashion. And, they are all around the world. Let’s see these magazines with their contents.

Agenda Magazine:

It is  seasonal magazine which includes runaway shows and interviews.


It is fashion and bridal magazine in South Asia.


This magazine is about sexy styles and new trends, also nightlife.


It is almost about everything from personalities to lifestyle, from fashion style to beauty tips.

Fashion Insider:

It is an on-line magazine which includes fashion and celebrity news. You can also receive some photos and videos.

Fashion Magazine:

It is Canadian magazine which provides latest fashion and beauty news.

Fashion UK:

It includes daily news and interviews.


: This magazine talks about international trends in design, art, fashion from the fashion centers Paris, New York, London and Milan.


It is a fashion guide for young women. It talks about health, fashion, beauty, career, love and sex.

Japanese Streets:

It is a magazine which is about Japanese street culture and fashion.

Marie Claire:

It is the magazine that we all know and it is about fashion style, career, relationships and health.

Men’s Flair:

It is the first men’s magazine in our list and it gives some grooming tips, clothing guide and so much more.


It is Australian magazine which talks about fashion and beauty.


One more famous magazine. It covers the latest news in beauty, health, fitness and celebrities.

There are much more magazines in the market. But, it is a little bit difficult to talk about all of them. As you see, you have a good chance to follow all the fashion news and trends. Thanks to Fashion Magazines!

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