Gothic Fashion Style

Do you want to have Gothic look? Then you need to read this article which is about Gothic fashion style. You can learn all the tips about this style from make up to hair.

At the first sight, it may look scary. And, it does not mean that Goths worship the devil and they drink blood. As we mentioned in our other article, every year (even month and day) a new fashion trend shows up. Gothic style is just one of them. There are different styles within Gothic style like cyber and punk.

Indispensable Items of Gothic Fashion Style

Black nails:

It is one of the first thing to do for this style. You need to polish you nails black. It does not even matter what your sex is.

Black boots:

You have to wear them if you want to follow this style. There is no way out. After you decide to have Gothic look, you better go and buy black boots as soon as possible.

Dyed hair:

Yes, you can stay with your natural color. You need to dye it. Choose some bright colors like blue and pink.

Black eyeliner:

You don’t have any other option besides black eye make up. Maybe, you can go for red or pink. But, black is your best option.

There are some tips than would be very helpful for you to have Gothic fashion style. Add some zippers and tulle to your dress. Metal accessories could be good option too. For your make up, make sure that your foundation is white enough. On the white bottom you can apply black eye make up. Blusher is not that preferable for Gothic make up.

Colorful and lined stockings and socks would look good with black boots. Leather jeweleries with metal pieces would complete your Gothic look.

Are you ready to look like crazy? If so, then follow these tips and be a part of Gothic fashion style.

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