A Crazy Trend: Platform Shoes

We talk about a fashion trend which is not for everyone in this article:

Platform Shoes

. If you have enough courage and the talent to wear, then it is a perfect choice for you.

These shoes have different reactions from the people. When you see someone who wears one of these shoes, most probably your reaction would be weird. But, these shoes are perfect for the ones who want to be unique.

  • You need to know that it is wrong to assume that everybody looks good in these shoes. Because, it is wrong. So, who looks good in these shoes? These shoes would be a good choice for the one who is short a bit so it gives you more height. If you have short legs, you can benefit from the look of these shoes basically.
  • They come in so many types and colors. But, for a pair of shoes which get more attention, the ideal color is black. It is already focus point, so you don’t need to maximize it with different colors and designs.
  • The secret of making them work well for you is to keep them simple. You might want to wear a pair of Gothic platform shoes but, the simple one is already wild enough. So, you do not need to add more wildness.

Since it was in fashion in the 90s, most probably it is not going to be easy to find these shoes. But, considering that they get popular everyday, so many brands manufacture these shoes. After sometime, showrooms would be full of platform shoes.

We said that these shoes are perfect option if you have the talent to wear them. Because, it is not easy to walk in these shoes at all. Make sure that you can be comfortable in them.

Thee shoes are perfect for Gothic and urban style. You can add more craziness to your style with platform shoes. There is no doubt that you would be extremely unique.

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