How to Wear Leather Leggings?

When leather leggings showed up in 2008, they became fall fashion. After being matched with high heels, ballet flat shoes and loose tops, they found a place in wardrobes of almost every woman. Shiny, matte, slim, they are perfect for women who want to add glamorous shine to their legs.

Read the following part and see the tips that you can follow to wear leather leggings.

  • Focus on fitting. These leggings have the best look when they fit perfectly and cover your legs tightly. Since leggings become loose after a few wearings, having a tight pair of leggings serve the purpose. In order to do so, you can get leggings which are one size smaller than your size.
  • Wear a tunic or loose top with leggings. Since they are already tight, it is better for you to wear something loose. If you do not want to have a top which is too loose, you can fix it with a belt. Also, make sure that your top is not longer than knee level. For more information, you can read our other article about tunic tops.
  • Leggings need to be shiny. If you are wearing a matte one, then wear a blouse or t-shirt which is shiny and light color.
  • Get a fitted jacket to complete the combination. With a good stylish jacket, you can have a perfect look. Make sure that the jacket is fitted and it shows your body shape. Just keep in mind, black is always slimming.
  • Get some bold accessories and polish your look. With a classic handbag and jeweleries, you can turn into a lady from a rider. Or change style of your accessories and be ready for party.

As you see, you can wear just one pair of leggings with so many different styles of clothes. It sounds perfect to have a pair of leather leggings that can be worn with everything in wardrobe.

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