Tunic Tops

Tunic tops

always have been

popular since 60s till today.

Considering going back to past in fashion, they are very common among women now. When you walk on the street, it is highly possible to see four or five ladies who wear tunics.

They are basically,

long and slim tops till knee

, sometimes longer and shorter. You can make perfect combination with one of these tunics. You can wear it with leggings, pants or as a dress without anything on the bottom. With sleeves, without sleeves, with thin or larger hangers or strapless, with belt on the middle or with ribbon, anything you want is there.

We mentioned that they come from


. And, it seems like they would never go away. Each day they are becoming more and more popular. It spreads like a disease all around the world. No matter what your shape is, you can wear one of these tunic tops.

Shapes of the Tunic

They come in straight shape or in ‘A line’ in general. They have a flowing skirt through the downer and it provides a chance to be shaped like the body.

Choose Your Bottom

If you have a great tunic, you can ruin it with an unfashionable bottom. This rule is effective for every clothe. As long as you have a good combination between your top and bottom, it does not matter what your clothes are. Anyway, if you are wearing an A line tunic, match it with leggings or skinny jeans. Remember, if your top is loose, your bottom should be stretch.

They could be worn in daily life or for party as well. For party, add a fashionable belt and wear your high heels. For daily times, wear it along with simple shoes and accessories.

As we mentioned that they come in so many different styles, thanks to this, you can wear it in any season. Get one with long sleeve and wear it in winter. Get one which is strapless and wear it under the sun.

Fashion is a trend which keeps changing for every season and year. Whatever comes in next year, we are quite sure that tunic tops would be there. And, they still would be in.

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