Hippie Clothes for Women

Being hippie is about being cool. It is a kind of way of living. With enjoyable concept of life and funny clothes, hippie is a style that could get attention from all of us sometime. The first element for this are hippie clothes.

Hippie culture showed up in United States in the middle of 60s and went to the other countries in later years. This culture basically comes from Hipster which describes people who follow Jazz. This lifestyle of Hipster was result of jazz lifestyle in those years and it included simulating their clothes. These clothes which are made from a organic fabric and fibers are very comfortable and stylish.

How to Dress Like a Hippie?


You need to get beads for yourself. They come in different sizes and colors. You can combine them with any of your clothes. After all, it is hippie style. You can wear them as necklace or bracelets as well. Options are unlimited.

Flowing clothes:

It is one of the most important element of dressing like hippie. Loose and flowing pants and skirts, even tops are indispensable item of hippie style.

Looking Mess:

Do not tie your hair just keep it open. Wear your clothes without ironing. Wear whatever you find as accessory.


You can never pass it if you are talking about hippie style. They must be very colorful and have different designs. Take them and wear. Tie it to your hair, you have a bandana. Tie it to your wrist, you have a bracelet.

Ooh! You have some difficulties in finding these kinds of clothes. What are you waiting for? Make your own clothes. How? Just read the following part.

  • You can make a top which has open back with your old t-shirts and tops. You can add some beads. Use your creativity and your old clothes. You don’t need to throw them anymore.
  • You can also cut off your old t-shirts and combine them together. In this way, you are able to get a t-shirt which has red color sleeve, yellow color back and green color front.
  • Add some pieces of fabrics to your t-shirts or tops without cutting them. Just fix the pieces. It would be colorful and more Hippier.

These are ideas that we could give you about hippie clothes. We are quite sure that you are able to do better by using your creativity and imagination.

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