Fashion Merchandising

Fashion merchandising is a business career which includes so many different fields of work like regular merchandiser, buyer assistant etc. This business field has different amount of salaries. And, in this article, we give you some information about fashion merchandising.

What is Fashion Merchandising?

These fields of work include clothes, shoes, jewelery, cosmetics, perfume and so many different sectors. Anything about external appearance could be categorized in fashion merchandising. And, a merchandiser buys or sells these products.

What is the Function of Merchandiser?

A person who works as a merchandiser, starts his/her career in the department of store or clothing store. Form this position he/she could transfer management before transportation. The final position offers a chance to work as a kind of assistant for famous fashion retailers with good salary.

How Much Do They Earn?

It actually depends on the position and experience. If you are a new retail worker, you can earn between $7 and $ 11 for an hour. A person who is a manager could earn $16 for an hour. If you are working in transportation, you can earn between $25.000 and $60.000. If you are working for top level store, you can earn between %70.000 and 100.000.

Besides working in fashion merchandising, people who are interested in this field of work are required to take college. In this way, they would be able to combine their perspective with basic knowledge. Typical classes teach basic information about fashion like history and finding clients etc.

There are also some personal traits which are required like being able to work with managers and executives and being able to think analytically. The person who is interested in this career position has to be able to arrange clothes and follow fashion trends as well.

If you are interested in a job in fashion industry, fashion merchandising could be your option. If you think that you have the skills, do not think too much. The dollars that you might earn are extra.

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