The Different Types of Slippers- 2010

Slippers have come a long way. Right from the mythological times when people used to wear slippers made of wood to the most recent fashionable slipper made of rubber. These footwear have been modified to suit our comfort and style. The whole idea of moving around the house is wearing something comfortable. The word ”slipper” was first introduced in the year 1478 which means footwear. Slippers have been in trends since the 12th century. There are various types of footwear available in the market.

About Slippers

A slipper is basically meant to be soft and give comfort to the foot. What one expect when wearing a slipper is that your foot should easily sink like a soft mattress. So a person expects the same level of comfort when he/she buys a slipper.

Microwave slippers

are soft and very good for people suffering from arthritis and insomnia. Many therapists advice people to wear the microwave slippers. Foot-wears have been modified from the regular leather soles to something different.

Casual rubber slippers

are commonly called the bathroom slippers. Since they are water resistant, they are mostly used in the bathroom.

Plastic slippers

are made of soft plastic material, which is exclusively used to make footwear. The plastic slipper can be worn at home as well as out.

Slippers for arthritis and insomnia

are also available. These slippers are made in such a way that they give maximum comfort to the foot. They are also designed in a way to treat certain types of diseases.

Characteristics of a Good Slipper

  • Slippers should be durable so that they can last atleast for a year or two.
  • The material used should be soft so that the feet are comfortable.
  • When buying slippers, make sure the style and shape go well with your feet.

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