Zipper Neck-ties for Men

Zipper ties are a perfect option for the regular neck-ties. These ties are not only convenient but are also look very stylish. This would save many men from the regular hassle of tieing a tie. So why not try something different.

About the Zipper Tie

The main emphasis is on the zip of the tie, which is fastened to a small loop and that is wrapped around the neck. The loop is pulled so that the head fits into it and then the band can be adjusted. Then the tail of the tie is pulled to tighten it. That’s when you get a perfect knot. Zipper ties have quite popular because it saves the hassle of tieing and untieing.

Different types of Men’s Solid Color Zipper Neck-ties

Zipper ties are not very easy to find. If you are seeking for a particular bold color, you may have to hunt for it a little. These ties are available in 40 colors and each zipper tie would cost $6.95. The fabric used is Polyester fiber and has a smooth satin finish. The standard size of of the zipper neck-tie is 3-6/8” in width and 20” in length.

Women’s Zipper Neck-ties (Solid Color)

There are amazing neck-ties for women too. These ties come in 40 different colors. Each tie would cost $6.95. The same fabric is used which is Polyester Microfiber. The zipper tie has a smooth satin finish. These ties are available in 2” or 2-1/2” wide and 17” in length.

Men’s Zipper Neck-ties (Patterned)

There are a variety of patterned men’s zipper ties available. Each tie would cost around $10.95. These patterned neck- ties come in polyester and are of standard size which is 2-7/8” width and 20” in length.This is would go well with any office-wear.

Men’s Zipper Neck ties (Uniform)

The men’s uniform neck-tie is available in two colors like navy blue and black. These ties measure 20” and 23” in length. The material used is polyester polin with a matt finish. This is perfect for a uniform attire.

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