Fashion Tips : Popular Vintage Coats for Men

Vintage clothing is a very popular style from the past. These clothes include styles and trends from the 70s. The vintage style is simple, durable and wearable. Among other vintage clothing, the men’s coat is one of the most popular style.

Popular Vintage Coats for Men

As compared to women’s coats, men’s coats are more rugged. The material used in vintage coats are fur, wool and leather. These coats are available at a much cheaper price as compared to other coats. Since vintage coats are very warm and comfortable, men prefer buying it for themselves.

A vintage coat has many variations and one of it is the trench overcoat style. These coats are to be worn over the suit and protect the clothing as well as to keep the person warm. The well designed trench coats are the ones used for extreme weather in the Scandinvia and Europe. These are available in single breasted and double breasted styles that are attached with belts. These coats are available in different cuts and patterns.

Vintage Leather

coats are also popular among men. These coats vary from suede to complete leather. Shearling coats are made from lambs skin. Leather coats are available in various colors since they are easy to dye. Leather coats are very practical to use and are suitable for extreme weathers.

Vintage military

coats are something that many men look forward to having it. These coats vary from olive drab to khaki. Military coats have many pockets, attachments, straps, buttons and buckles.

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