The Best Men’s Watch For All Incomes

Usually, a man’s personality is judged by the clothes and accessories he wears. The best way to compliment your attire is to flaunt a stylish men’s watch. It doesn’t matter how much you earn or what’s your status, there is always a watch for every man. Some popular designer watches are Armani, Gucci, Chanel, Tag Heuer and Rolex. A few affordable watch brands are Omega, Citizen, Casio, Times and Swiss Army. Below are some affordable men’s watches available.

Some Branded Watches Are:

Louis Vuitton Men’s Watch-

This brand is usually selected by the high profile crowd. The Louis Vuitton brand is a symbol of status and equisite taste. Some models are Tambour, Travel and Emprise.

Rolex Men’s Watch-

Rolex is a well known Swiss brand. This brand is an orgin from Great Britain which used to specialize in pocket watches. It then moved to Switzerland in the year 1914. Some of the best collections are The Cellini Collection and The Oyster Perpetual Motion Collection.

Tag Heuer Men’s Watch-

Tag Heuer is one of the first Swiss watch manufacturers. A lot of celebrities have advertised for this brand like Maria Sharapova, Tiger Woods and Leonardo DiCaprio. Tag Heuer has some timeless collections and is known for their sports collections.

Some Affordable Men’s Watches Are:

Omega Men’s Watch-

This brand is quite affordable and also has famous celebrities associated to it. Celebrities like George Cloony, Michael Phelps and James bond have advertised for it. Omega watches were favored by military soldiers as many of them were given watches during the World War II. Some models include Speedmaster, DeVille and Seamaster.

Citizen Men’s Watch-

Citizen is one of the largest watchmakers. This brand first introduced the electronic depth sensor. Citizen also has watches with a power light which doesn’t need a battery. Some collections from Citizen include Corso, Nighthawk and Stiletto.

Timex Men’s Watch-

The first original watch from Timex was the Mickey Mouse watch. In the year 1950, this brand became popular. Timex also became well known among the general mass because of it was very affordable as compared to other men’s watch brands.

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