5 Men’s Summer Fashion Essentials

Many men out there would be a little curious to know a few summer essentials. This is a very good way to make your wardrobe interesting. What’s more important is to balance your wardrobe with clothes that are comfortable and wearable. Select clothes that have simple cuts, styles and are light in weight for a perfect summer look.

5 Men’s Summer Fashion Essentials

A Touch of Blue-

Blue is a very cool color and is seen in almost every designers collection. One can find a touch of blue in prints and different patterns. Blue is a very essential summer color for men and is a must have in every wardrobe. The color blue has various hues and goes well with many skin tones. Add a little blue in your wardrobe for example a blue swimsuit.

White Cotton Shirt-

The second men’s summer essential is the white button-down cotton shirt. Make sure when you pick one for yourself, the fit is good as it will definitely have heads turn around for a second look. Go for a white shirt that is light in weight and comfortable.

Linen Blazer-

The linen blazer can be paired well with pants or denim jeans. Do not go overboard with this style. The right way to wear it is with bold shades like a black shirt, dark jeans and a white linen blazer.

Classic Moccasin-

Moccasin is an important men’s summer fashion essential. These are slip-ons with a rubber sole and are very comfortable. Moccasins are included as men’s fashion essentials because these are very stylish and versatile. These can be worn anywhere. Moccasins are available colors like navy, black, khaki, white and cognac.

Classic Chino-

This is an interesting men’s summer clothing. It is a very versatile clothing and can be worn for formal as well as casual occasion. A flat-front pattern looks great and colors like blue, khaki, black and white look awesome. The classic chino complements a polo or a button down short and definitely makes an essential part of men’s summer fashion.

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