5 Hot Women Celebrities Who Wear Vintage Clothing

A lot of women feel comfortable in vintage clothing. Vintage clothing gives a different feel altogether and the styles that were used then, are still cherished even today. Many celebrities have been seen sporting the vintage look in various events like the Oscars and the Red Carpet. Below are a list of hot women celebrities who love wearing vintage clothing.

5 Hot Women Celebrities Who Wear Vintage Clothing

Barbra Streisand-

In the year 1997, the New York Times reviewed an article on the sudden craze for vintage clothing. Barbra Streisand is well known for wearing vintage clothing. She is one of those popular celebrities to has brought vintage clothing back in fashion.

Nicole Kidman-

Nicole Kidman is known to wear some of the best designed outfits. Her wardrobe consists of some of the best collection of vintage clothing. She very often shops for vintage clothes at some of the high-end fashion stores and boutiques. One of the most popular store for vintage clothing is the Jim Smiley Vintage Clothing at Manhattan which is a regular and a favourite place of Nicole Kidman.

Julia Roberts-

Though Julia Roberts is not popularly known for her vintage collection but she gets the credit for reintroducing this fashion to everyone. The vintage Valentino dress that she wore at the oscars got her lots of attention.

Sharon Stone-

Sharon Stone is known to have an awesome collection of particular type of vintage clothing like cashmere sweaters. Designer Deborah Lindquist is her favorite as she uses a lot of vintage material and vintage style in her designs.

Winona Ryder-

She is beautiful and a talented actress. Winona Ryder is known to create a different style for herself by combining the vintage style and a modern look. Her styles are elegant and fun. Many women have tried to mimic her style of dressing. Winona Ryder is known to carry herself with grace and style in vintage clothing’s.

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