How to Choose Colors that Flatter Your Skin Tone

Colors play a major role when it comes to our personality. Wearing the right color would enhance your personality, while choosing the wrong color would make you look dull. Below are a few tips to choose colors that would flatter your complexion.

Understand Your Skin Tone

Step 1:

Every person’s skin tone can be divided into four seasons, therefore try and understand which season does your complexion suit or is more close to.

Step 2:

People with a ”winter” complexion have pink or blue undertones. The color of the skin varies from white to dark. African-Americans and Asians have a dark complexion and dark colored eyes.

Step 3:

People with a ”summer” complexion have pink or blue undertones, its just that the skin is much pale as compared to winter complexion. People with this complexion have pale colored eyes.

Step 4:

Most people with ”autumn” complexion have golden undertones. Brunettes have brown eyes and fall under this category.

Step 5:

People with this complexion also have golden undertones. Their complexion is peach or pale white. Spring complexioned people have red hair and green eyes.

Pick Clothes to Flatter Your Complexion


Winter complexion people can choose colors like navy blue, red, hot pinks, black and white. Avoid wearing colors like orange, gold, beige and pastel colors. Icy colors can be worn.


Summer complexion people can go for soft colors like undertones of blue and rose. Other colors like plum, lavender and brown look good while orange and black do not suit.


Golden undertones look great on people with an autumn complexion. Colors like orange, beige, brown and camel go well. Tones of blue should be avoided.


Warm colors like gold, yellow, peach, brown and camel would suit this skin tone while dull and dark colors should be avoided.

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