New York’s Fashion Favorites

New York is known for its fashion and style. Women have an amazing dressing sense and there are a few fashion favorite spots in New York. One can find things from jewellery to scarves.

New York’s Fashion Favorites

Fashion Walk of Fame

In the year 2000, a few well known designers like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Norman Norell were honored for their designs. Today, there are many more talented designers who have contributed towards fashion. In New York, at the Seventh Avenue you can find a collection of bronze plaques that honor some great designers.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute

This place has a vast collection of accessories and costumes from five different continents. Each piece is extraordinary in itself like the coat from the House of Chanel. Every year, there are many exhibitions held that exhibit fine pieces.

Prada Flagship Store

This store was opened in the year 2003. It is one of the best stores in New York. It has everything that you can think of. The store is high-tech and it’s fun shopping at the Prada Flagship Store. A lot of celebrities are seen shopping here.

The Point

The point is a boutique where you can also learn to create your own accessories. Women who are interested in learning a few basics can go for their one week class. Hand-dyed yarns are also taught. It is a good way to learn and women are also motivated to eventually start their own boutique.

Girls Love Shoes

Women and heels seem to go hand in hand. The Zia Ziprin’s in New York has more than 2000 pairs of vintage shoes. Many outfits and accessories are also rented out to designers and photographers. This store has some exquisite collections from 1800 to 1990s that would flatter any woman.

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