Women’s Classic Professional Clothing

When it comes to women’s professional clothing, it’s always about the suit. Ever since women started taking their career seriously, they were expected to dress in a certain manner. Every woman has her personal style of dressing which makes her different from the others.

The Suit: Women’s Professional Clothing

A suit holds a lot of importance when it comes to professional dressing. It includes a tie, jacket, trouser and a shirt which is paired with accessories like shoes and a belt. Wearing a business suit, a woman is at par with a man.

Coco Chanel introduced the skirt and jacket in the 1920s. This became a huge success and women just loved it. Fashion is supposed to be stylish, comfortable and functional. Earlier, there were not many women who worked in offices, therefore the cardigan was a substitute to jackets and was worn with skirts. This was the standard outfit worn by many women.

Professional Style in the 1970s

As time passed, the professional outfit modified and became better. During the 1970s, women wore skirts that were just an inch or two above the knee. There were skirts available in monochromatic colors like black, gray, beige and white. Blouses were with collars and even v-necks. Accessories used were scarves and watches.

Modern Professional Style

What’s more important about wearing a suit is the fit. The fit should be such that it flatters a woman’s body. The silhouette is equally important as it gives the look you desire. These are a few basic tips about a working woman’s suit. A suit should look professional and give you the confidence when you wear it.

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