Top Fashion Brands for Kids

Like everyone else, even kids love to dress well. Though they may not understand the latest fashion or brands, the thought of dressing in new clothes delights them. Today, there are numerous brands for kids where parents can have better options to select from. A few top brands are:

Top Fashion Brands for Kids

Little Marc-

Marc Jacobs is a popular American designer. He is known to design for men and women. Along with designing for adults, he has also started designing for kids known as Little Marc. He concentrates on comfort and quality of a garment. Cashmere is the material usually used in kids clothes.

Juicy Couture-

Juicy Couture is a popular line of clothing for men, women and now kids. The patterns are simple and comfortable. A lot of colors and fabrics are used so that a kids looks fresh and cute. Some of the best collections are swimwear, kids accessories and denims.

Tory Burch-

She is one of the best American designers. Her style is unique and when it comes to designing for kids, she one of the best. Her kids collection is bright, funky and fun. This brand is a must have in every child’s wardrobe.

J.Crew’s Crewcuts-

A lot of men and women prefer wearing J.Crew’s collections. The chinos and blazers are some classic pieces. Quite recently, J.Crew started his collections for kids. The styles and patterns are simply adorable. There are plenty of choices to choose from. The kids collection also includes parties and wedding dresses.

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