Tips to Upgrade Your Wardrobe

It’s actually difficult to have the same wardrobe throughout the season. People who are particular about their day to day dressing prefer upgrading their wardrobe every season. There are other factors that may urge a person to upgrade his/her wardrobe. Change in the job, clothes loosing their color or shape or just simply buying new clothes.

Tips to Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Go through Your Wardrobe

An important rule to remember is to go through your wardrobe before you buy anything. Make a list of clothes and accessories that you have. Then make another list of stuff that you don’t have. You can also sort out clothes according to your needs. Clothes that don’t fit you any more or clothes that are not in trend. This list will help you upgrade your wardrobe and purchase things accordingly.

Modifying Clothes

Sort out clothes into sections like short and tight, faded and out of trend. You can now easily put away these from the rest that you have in your wardrobe. You can also sort out clothes into different sections like formal clothes and casual clothes. You can also modify clothes that are out of fashion like collard, buttons, pockets and sleeves. If these fit you well you can keep them. Some clothes that are too loose and big can be altered at the tailor. There can be other clothes that are stained and torn which cannot be altered, they can be given to the orphanage.

Budget Tips

Upgrading your wardrobe can be quite interesting. Though it may not cost much, sparing a couple of dollar would make a big difference. Spend wisely on your wardrobe is very important. Buy a few basics like accessories, footwear and clothes will make a big difference.

A white collared dress shirt is a must have for every man and woman as this upgrades a professional look. Colors like gray, white and black slacks can be paired up with different clothing. Many people are brand conscious when it comes to clothing. Here what is more important is the quality and comfort of the outfit. When it comes to a few accessories like bags, they stay in the trend for a very long time. So you don’t have to really bother to upgrade it every now and then.

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