Top 5 Fashion Tips to Work

No matter what your designation is at work, you should be particular about your dressing. The way you dress at work, portrays your personality. If you are a person who known what to wear, your dressing certainly adds up to your profile with your co-workers. Below are five tips

Top 5 Fashion Tips to Work

Everyday is an Important Day-

Everyday is an important day for you at work. It may so happen that the day you choose to be lazy with regard to your dressing, that may be the day your boss observe you for a promotion. Make sure you dress well everyday and before you step out take a quick glance at the mirror.

Being too Casual-

There are many companies that allow a casual dress code but this doesn’t mean that you actually land up in your pyjamas. Just make an extra effort to dress well and it would send a message that you do take your profession seriously.

Minimum Makeup-

When going to work, don’t overdo your makeup. Make sure that your hair is put up neatly into a bun or a ponytail. Keep the makeup as minimum as possible like a little mascara, gloss and foundation would do.

Avoid Revealing Clothes-

When you are at work, make sure that whatever you are wearing is not too revealing. This would otherwise send a wrong message to people and ofcourse doesn’t look very professional. Wear clothes that compliment you and not draw unwanted attention.

Wear Something Different-

Wearing something different doesn’t mean that you need to look odd. Just pick clothes that make you stand put from the crowd. These are something that people would remember you for. Say a hair-cut, an accessory or a particular color that enhances your looks.

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