Men’s Summer Fashion Mistakes

It’s very rare for anyone to make a fashion mistake when it comes to summer clothing. Guess, it’s just the weather that makes us less thoughtful about what we wear. There are a few styles that men may think it’s okay to wear, but it may not seem right in the fashion sense.

A Few Men’s Summer Fashion Mistakes

Cargo Shorts-

Cargo shorts have big pockets which can accommodate almost anything. This is one of the summer fashion mistakes. This season it’s all about the slim look where cuts and patterns make a lot of difference. Khaki is a good choice for summer shorts. Summer shorts look great when the hem is an inch or two above the knee.

Strong Fragrance-

It’s good to smell good all the time, especially during summers. But, a strong fragrance can be unbearable, especially when it’s combined with your own body smell. Men should use fragrances like citrus or grass that have a fresh scent. It keeps the body cool when you start sweating it leaves out a good fragrance.


It’s common to see men wearing flip-flops during summers. These flip-flops usually do not cover the feet completely. This is the next summer fashion mistake that most men are not aware of. Men should try the criss-cross sandals made of leather as this leaves enough room for the foot and also covers it.

Tank Tops-

Tanks are meant to be worn under the shirt. Well, most men think it’s stylish to flaunt it out. This for sure is a summer fashion mistake made by most men. As a substitute, men can wear a light t-shirt with a v-neck or just a simple polo shirt. These shirts are not only comfortable but also allow breeze to pass through.

Wraparound Shades-

The wraparound shades are not the ones that men should be wearing for summers. Men should wear shades that suit them. If necessary go through 20 or 50 pairs of shades but select a fashionable one for yourself as this would look cool throughout.

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