French Fashion Style Tips

Women have always been fascinated with fashion, especially the French fashion style. There is always something new to look forward to, when it comes to French fashion. Women from France have an amazing sense of style and French designers are known all over the world for their stunning designs and innovative styles. Below are a few French fashion style tips to follow:

French Fashion Style Tips

No one knows it better than French women on how to blend glam and glitter together. French women are particular about their style and clothing. They make sure they use neutral colors in their day to day clothing and also add a touch of bold color in accessories.

Enhance your best features-

French women know how to enhance their best features. Women who have a curvaceous body love wearing a fitted high waist skirt. If you have an attractive face, then highlight it by wearing a beautiful pair of earring or a necklace. Make sure you don’t wear anything flashy which draws unwanted attention.

French color palette-

French fashion is also keeping upto date with the color palette. Neutral colors include beige, brown, white and black. Other colors are purple, green and red. Bright red is a popular color among French women. It is usually kept at minimum like wearing a red lipstick or a red jacket over a monochromatic color like black. A red jacket is worn over a black trouser or a skirt.

Scarf is a must have-

A scarf is a fabulous piece of accessory that completes the look of an outfit. This is a must for most French women. It can be draped around the neck, left loose on the bag or can be used to tie the hair into a knot.

Hats and Caps-

French women are known to wear stylish hats and caps. Knitted caps and berets are some popular French cap styles.

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