How to Pair Shoes with Shorts

It may sound a little tricky to pair shoes with shorts. Shoes mostly stand-out when worn with shorts but it’s not the same when worn with casuals or any other outfit. One important fashion rule to follow is that, no matter what you wear, make sure it is comfortable and it doesn’t look odd.

How to Pair Shoes with Shorts


Shoes are not only designed to go well with trousers and long skirts but they should blend well with other outfits as well. Shoes should look light and comfortable when worn with shorts. They look really odd if they stand out when worn with shorts.
Shoes that match well with shorts are the open toed style. Sandals also go well as they are specially designed for summers. Since they are open they keep the feet cool. Avoid wearing leather shoes with shorts as they look heavy and would make your feet sweat.


Shorts are casual outfits, therefore you need to pick the right pair of shoes to go well with them. Running shoes look great with shorts as they look light and comfortable. Walking shoes can also be worn with shorts. (Walking shoes make of a different material other than leather).
Another way of blending shoes and shorts together is by wearing either the shoes or the shorts of the same color. If you are wearing pink shorts, then light pink shoes would go well. These are some tips that would make your shoes more noticeable.

There are many ways to pair shoes with shorts. Like, sometimes even contrast colors look good. Say, purple shorts can be paired with pink shoes. If you are wearing printed shorts then your shoes should be of a darker color. You can also pick one neutral color from the shorts and select the color for the shoes.

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