Top 5 Fashion Schools in the US

Fashion is a very interesting stream. People who are more inclined towards the creative side can opt to do fashion designing. Since there is a growing competition in the world of fashion, there are many well known fashion schools and institutes. Some of the best fashion schools in the US are:

Top 5 Fashion Schools in the US

The Art Institute

This is a popular school for fashion. The Art Institute is present in 25 states and has many fashion programs to select from. This institute gives the option to students to either study online or on the campus. If you think you are good at designing accessories and clothes, this place has a lot of scope. Students are taught about various factors that affect fashion trends and tips on how to start your own line of fashion.

Academy of Art University

This university consists of 16,000 students. The Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco which is one of the largest schools in the field of art and design. This institute also gives students the option to choose online or campus studies. The institute specializes in courses like textiles, merchandising, fashion designing and knitwear. Students who have graduated from this institute have got opportunities to work with popular fashion brands like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Armani.

International Academy of Design and Technology

This well known institute is present in 8 states which include Texas, Florida and Illinois. It offers courses in marketing, fashion designing and merchandising. Many students from this institute get an opportunity to showcase their designs.

American InterContinental University

This institute has gone a long way in the US. It includes many interesting courses like menswear, which is for people who like to specialize in suits. Students have various options and can also go for costume design.

Westwood College

Westwood college is for those students who have an interest in interior designing and home decor. This institute also encourages students in creating their own line of fashion. After completing 3 years, a student is given the bachelor’s degree.

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