How to be Fashionable After Sixty

Who says that fashion is only for the young. Even at sixty, you can be very fashionable and stylish. Though, there would be many clothes that you may not be able to wear at your age, but there are other fabulous outfits that would look great on you. It’s all about choosing the right outfit and accessories to match it. Below are a few tips to help you look great.

How to be Fashionable After Sixty

Avoid wearing the following clothes:

  • Full length floral dress
  • Ankle length A-line skirt
  • Pants with elastic at the waist that makes you look like a bloated balloon
  • Suits and pants that are not structured well
  • Oversized t-shirts
  • Khakis
  • Jumpers that are completely out of style
  • Embroidered or appliqué sweaters

Tip to Rebuild Your Wardrobe

Patterns and Colors-

The first step to rebuilding your wardrobe is to go for monochromatic colors like white, black or blue. These plain colors would give a classic and a slimmer look. Choosing monochromatic colors doesn’t mean picking boring colors, its just keeping it plain. Some popular celebrities who are in their sixties like Susan Sarandon, Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyers have a very good dressing sense. They look gorgeous because they keep simple and minimum patterns and concentrate on bold colors.


Women who are older, misjudge when it comes to wearing accessories. They wear almost everything without considering whether it is looking good or not. Wearing a piece of bold jewellery will look good and don’t hesitate to wear accessories that are trendy. One tip to remember is that, if your wardrobe has all the basics, you can use a lot of stylish accessories to match it.

Wearing Denims-

Denims do look good on older women, provided it has the right cut. Trousers with a nice cut, wide leg denims or boot cut look really good on older women. Selecting such cuts would give a taller look rather than drawing attention to your mid section.

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