Top 5 Shoe Trends for Fall 2010

Shoes have always been an important accessory for both men and women. With time, trends keep changing and so does the style. For all the fashion lovers, it is not difficult to find a pair of shoes that can suit a person’s taste. There is always something for everyone. Here are top 5 stylish shoe trends for fall that you may want to make it as a part of your wardrobe.

Top 5 Shoe Trends for Fall 2010


Clogs are here to stay this season. Though these shoes may not be every woman’s favorite, they still hold a high mark. Clogs are a popular style, especially during spring and summer. They are specially designed for cooler months, like fall.


Inspired Oxfords- Oxford shoes have been in trend since a long time now. This fall, you can find them in almost every store. They look masculine and stylish, which goes well with most most men’s style.

Pointy-Toe Flats-

The style this season is the pointy toe flats. Women prefer wearing these as they are comfortable and look trendy. Pointy toe flats go well with casuals and formals as well. These give an illusion of having long legs and therefore enhance the overall appearance.

Lace-Up Boots-

Lace boots are perfect for fall. With the use of lace, these have been given a new look. Whatever style you like in boots, you would surely find it this season. Even if you pick boots that are above the knee, they still look great and are in trend.

Kitten Heel Pumps-

The Kitten Heel pumps are a must have this season. These have been inspired from the 50s and 60s. Popular brands like Chanel, have it in the most attractive styles. Without a second thought, make these as a part of your collection.

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