5 Women’s Styles That Men Hate

Most men are very uncomfortable to see a few fashion styles that women carry. For women it is simply a style statement. When it comes to flaunting new styles, a few women go overboard. Below is a list of fashion styles that men definitely hate about women.

5 Women’s Fashion Styles That Men Hate

Cheek Piercing-

Cheek piercing is something that not every guy would like to see on a woman. For a woman, it would be a style statement, whereas for a guy it doesn’t seem cool. There are other places where a woman can pierce like, eyebrows or nose which looks stylish.

Huge Sunglasses-

Wearing huge sunglasses doesn’t suit every woman. Though huge sunglasses look stylish, but the one that are exceptionally huge look very odd. It almost hides the face and ofcourse looks very funny. You should pick stylish sunglasses that suit your face cut.

Excess of Foundation-

The first question from every guy would be, ”why scare people with that pale white face”. This is something that women should absolutely avoid doing. Make sure that when you buy a foundation, it suits your skin tone. You need to apply it in such a way so that it blends well with your skin tone.

Pets as Accessories-

Women sometimes can go crazy when it comes to fashion. Even animals are not spared. Many women are seen carrying a tiny pet and treating them like a piece of accessory. Guys simply hate fashion style on women.

High Waist Belts-

Wearing a high belt ruins the entire look. The body does not look in proportion. If you really want to have a straight figure, wear a corset. Belts are meant to be worn at the waist and not above it. This is an important fashion rule for every woman.

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