5 Crazy Celebrity Fashion Trends

Fashion can be taken in two ways, elegant or crazy. Everyday we find many celebrities who make news with their style of dressing. Some celebrities are known to have a weird sense of style. It can either be their hairstyle, clothes or accessories. These celebrities do make new in some way or the other. Below are top 5 celebrities with crazy fashion trends.

5 Crazy Celebrity Fashion Trends

Rihanna (Spiky dress)-

Rihanna is often spotted wearing spiky outfits. These certainly looks dangerous and fierce. She also wore a spiky dress in her album Rated R in late November. Since her new style was quite known, she expanded it to even leather jackets. This is simply going crazy over a particular type of fashion.

McQueen (Armadillo shoes)-

The 12 inch high heels are simply crazy. The Spring/Summer 2010 trend by Alexander McQueen is something that looks great on the ramp. These shoes are certainly not for regular use. So far there were just two celebrities who dared to wear them, Daphne Guniesses wore for the Mac’s red-carpet and Lady Gaga sported the Armadillo shoes in her album ‘Bad romance’.

Brad Pitt (Braided beard)-

This is an awful fashion trend by Brad Pitt. Nobody can miss his braided bearded face no matter where on earth he goes. There haven’t been many guys following this trend in-spite of knowing that the trend-setter is the famous Hollywood celebrity, Brad Pitt. It a crazy Buddha look.

Michael Caine (Thick frames)-

No every guy can carry himself well in a pair of thick frame eyeglasses like Michael Caine does. Other than Michael Caine, there have been celebrities like Kanye West and Justin Timberlake have been fans of this crazy trend.

Pink (Crazy Haircut)-

Pink for sure tops the list of having the craziest haircut. Her hair get shorter with time and certainly looks crazy. It wouldn’t be surprising to see her go bald sometime soon. There is lots of hair at the center of her head but none around the sides which looks very odd.

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