Crazy Hat Ideas

Fashion can go to the extremes. It can be simply stylish and elegant or it can be simply crazy. There are no rules for fashion. It’s all about how creative you get with different styles. Fashion is also about how comfortable you are adapting yourself to the changing trends. Below are a few crazy hat ideas that you may want to try.

Crazy Hat Ideas

Places can Inspire-

If you love traveling, then places can surely inspire you to create your own crazy hat style. Ideas like a favorite monument, bridge or a building can be made on a hat. You can use foam, paper, card board and other tools to make it. Make sure that when you are making something on the hat, it is light in weight and fixed well for you to wear.

Using Flowers-

Flowers have always been used in making hats. However, you can use different flowers for making crazy hats as well. Instead of placing just one flower neatly on the brim of your hat, put a couple of flowers at an odd angle. Make it seem that the flowers are sprouting from the hat. You can also put satin ribbons, spray flowers with glitter or just add bright colors to the flowers. This would certainly look very creative.

Stuffed Animals-

Stuffed animals would look very creative on your hat. With the help of Velcro, you can make sure that the animal is fixed well. Using a fine wire, you can change the position of the animal to give an animated affect.

Creative Food Ideas-

Using food to decorate your hat may sound a little crazy. You can use fake food as this would last for a longer time and you can keep using it. Decorative ideas like candies, cakes or chocolates would look amazing. You need to also take care of the wrappers and other decorative things to make sure that they are non-toxic.

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